The best rugged tablet is designed from the ground-up, including the circuitry and packaging, with an associated operating system modified to match. That is the SECO approach.

Each SECO tablet leverages SECO commercial off the shelf (COTS) embedded computer circuitry to develop a customized embedded computing platform optimized for tablet applications. A full range of standard tablet features include USB, Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, cellular modem, brightness and volume control, touchscreen input, internal battery charging, and sensors such as accelerometer and magnetometer. Specialized interfaces, such as Ethernet, serial (RS-232, RS-422, I2C, SPI), CAN, GPIO, mPCIe or M.2, and other signals are added to provide a flexible platform for real world applications.

Ergonomic but rugged enclosures with IP67 connectors and buttons provide military-tough tablet operation. Impact resistant sunlight readable displays with capacitive and resistive touch options enable reliable operation through extended temperature, severe shock/vibration, drop, liquid submersion, and more. SECO uses flame retardant, shatter-proof, and disinfectant/caustic compatible materials.

SECO tablets are supported by customized operating systems which match hardware-level features and enhance security. Arm™ tablets feature Linux and Android, with source code available. Other operating systems, such as VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS) are possible.

True security is integral to the ground-up tablet design. SECO tablets feature hardware-level tamper detection, secure boot, and direct boot into an application (Kiosk mode). Security Enhanced (SE) Android and SE Linux libraries are available.

Environmental specifications include extended temperature, severe shock/vibration, drop, liquid submersion (including IP67), and others according to MIL-STD-810. Electromagnetic compatibility specifications include FCC Part 15 (and foreign equivalents) and MIL-STD-461. Flame retardant, shatter-proof, and disinfectant/caustic compatible materials are available.

SECO has successfully delivered rugged tablets and similar rugged devices into a wide variety of applications, each having complex and disparate requirements. Examples include:

  • Military rugged tablet for field operations
  • Point of sale devices
  • Transportation management
  • Automotive production and service
  • Military handheld battlefield devices
  • Wearable sensors with wireless communications (including cellular, Wi-Fi, BT, 802.15.4, and military band radios)
  • Testers for oil wells, mining operations, and power plant infrastructure

Commercially available tablets often lack key features or peripherals required by defense, medical, and industrial markets. SECO’s custom tablets are purpose-built to customer specifications.

Unlike commercial devices, SECO’s custom-built tablets can be designed to: excel in rugged environments, withstand drops and liquid immersion, accommodate restricted or specialized software configurations, respond to centralized fleet management software, control software and configuration updates, and/or have a specific look and feel. 

For example, a custom medical tablet can provide specialized probes or sensors while being designed for compliance with IEC 60601 safety requirements. A medical grade Android tablet includes these hardware level features, and additionally utilizes a modified Android environment that enables security and configuration lockdown.

Custom tablets are typically based on verified SECO products; standard hardware, software, and mechanical operation has been completely debugged and validated. Peripherals, external connections, display resolution/size, enclosure, operating system, software configuration, and/or docking station can be modified and built to spec. This minimizes development cost, time-to-market, and risk.

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