Deep dive: Clea-based demos showcased at embedded world

At this year’s edition of embedded world Exhibition&Conference, in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 21 to 23, SECO will showcase its expertise in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, from miniaturized computers to fully customized integrated systems combining hardware and software, to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

At SECO’s booth, visitors will find not only a wide range of off-the-shelf products - modular solutions and single board computers, modular HMI and fanless embedded computers, and payment systems - but they will learn how to add intelligence to edge devices with SECO’s Clea software platform. Through application demos and the showcase of its implementation into our running Linux HMI solutions, they will see Clea in action improving and optimizing multiple market applications. Through these demos, visitors will discover the ease and power of data orchestration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Clea is an AI/IoT platform, developed by SECO, which easily connects edge electronic devices with the cloud and facilitates real time device monitoring, analytics, infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, and more. Clea combines AI, IoT, and edge & cloud computing with customer-centric services and hardware solutions that can be off-the-shelf or tailor-made. Utilizing Clea, any device can be turned into a cloud-managed intelligent device, thus allowing smart control and monitoring, and gaining actionable, real-time insights using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Vending is one application area in which Clea is currently being used in a number of business-changing functions. Whether the need is retrofitting existing infrastructure, a new smart solution implementation, or integration of off-the-shelf subsystems, Clea is the answer to easily monitor and maintain a vending fleet.

One application demo is a face, age, and emotion detection vending machine running on SECO’s FLEXY VISION 21.5 panel PC with an 8 MPix camera. This demo will show how to turn a vending machine, using a customized Clea App, into a smart device, capable of detecting the user’s characteristics and harnessing this information to suggest a tailored beverage. The appliance instance collects user-specific data – gender, age, and mood – from the edge device vending machine, and stores it in the cloud, tracking revenues and dispensed quantities filtered by a specific time frame plus user characteristics.

Another vending application, a coffee machine retrofitting demo, will show how to retrieve, analyze, and view the data of an automatic coffee machine using Easy Edge cloud access point running Clea. Clea Appliance retrieves data analyzing the revenues, quantities dispensed for each product, grand total revenue, and the most served beverages - all filtered by a specific time frame. These two demos show how Clea brings value to the vending and coffee machine vertical markets through data analysis, providing companies with better insight into sales, trends, consumables, and optimization based on timing, geography, and clients.

Moving to retail applications, a solution presented by Portal – a software company specializing in emerging technologies, AI, computer vision, IoT, and analytics – will provide a practical demonstration of how Clea enables retail store management and customer flow analysis using artificial intelligence via edge models on the cloud.

A people counter demo - powered by the UDOO VISION - detects, counts, and tracks the behavior of people within a specific area. In this case, Clea Appliance will show data acquired by a camera sorted by transit area, eventually by time frame, as well as the grand total – enabling advanced value-added services for the customer.

Predictive maintenance is one of the most effective Clea values. Leveraging real-time AI predictive maintenance models, Clea can detect anomalies within functional equipment and trigger early repairs, avoiding machine downtime and thus leading to a significant reduction of emergency repair and other opportunity costs. A predictive maintenance ventilation system demo will show Clea monitoring the status of an industrial engine used in a ventilation system. The demo shows air flow and levels of air pollution and air velocity, detecting anomalies and warning the user.

Moving to energy market, a proof of concept demo will show how Clea can be employed in an uninterruptible power supply. Visitors will have the chance to see, through a tablet, how Clea can retrieve data from a UPS detecting its status, maximum load, battery capacity, and input and output voltages. Analytics facilitate monitoring, efficiency optimization, and reduced downtime of powered equipment. Alarms or status change alerts are immediately sent to the user. UPS operating data is available and searchable through a modern web interface or via the dedicated app, which will be displayed at the SECO booth.

Many other new technologies and exciting products will be exhibited at SECO’s booth. Visit us at booth 1-320 at the embedded world exhibition and conference in Nuremberg from June 21 to 23.