SECO presents technologies for embedded systems at Sensors Converge 2024

Discover how SECO’s products, including smart panel PC HMIs, computing boards, boxed solutions, and IoT software, integrate with sensor systems to reduce time-to-market and cost in design engineering applications.

SECO, a leading provider of end-to-end technological solutions, will present its hardware and software solutions for sensor systems at the upcoming Sensors Converge show in Santa Clara, California, from June 24-26. At booth 602, visitors can discover how SECO's reliable, scalable solutions connect sensors and process their data on edge devices and communicate to the cloud, reducing both cost and time-to-market while implementing IoT functionality and AI-based intelligence.

SECO offers a variety of embedded computing and rugged smart display electronic products, with Arm and x86 microprocessor architecture options, for integration into smart devices and embedded systems. Rugged Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel PCs provide smart touch displays that are incorporated into machinery. Providing wired and wireless networking and typical industrial sensor interfaces, SECO’s new Modular Vision series features standard sizes of 7”, 10.1”, and 15.6”. Fanless PCs, optimized for high reliability, flexibility, and security, easily interface to sensor and industrial equipment with a certified boxed solution.

SECO also manufactures a wide range of off-the-shelf computing modules, whether Single Board Computers (SBCs) or standard form factor System on Modules (SoMs), that are integrated into machinery at the circuit board level. To retrofit existing sensors for IoT connectivity, SECO’s Easy Edge gateway provides a bridge, via serial and other interfaces, to the cloud via Wi-Fi and cellular radios.

SECO hardware products integrate seamlessly with Clea, the software solution that powers IoT infrastructure. It can be rapidly deployed on a small or large scale to meet the requirements of the installation. Clea makes it easy to ingest and process sensor data, remotely manage infrastructure, utilize smart algorithms to detect problems and service machinery prior to failure, and facilitate value-added services and AI applications. Clea can also be deployed on non-SECO equipment and upgrade existing IoT systems.

At Sensors Converge, visitors will be able to see solutions developed by SECO for several applications, including a smart vending machine with a SECO SBC that drives the display, controls the actuation of motors, and manages sensor data from within the machine; a high-flow, non-invasive ventilator that uses a SECO SBC which interfaces with a variety of airflow and pressure, and pulse oximetry sensors; and a coffee beverage dispensing system. Also featured will be fanless PCs, Single Board Computers, and System on Modules products representative of SECO’s off-the-shelf product line.

The benefits of SECO’s solutions for embedded sensor applications include:

  • Broad spectrum of processing options and physical interfaces for a wide variety of sensor applications
  • Industrial temperature, conformal coating, and rigorous verification and validation processes for robust and reliable operation
  • Long-term availability, full product lifecycle management, and global supply chain
  • Complete IoT software suite for easily architecting, upgrading, and deploying edge/cloud infrastructure 
  • AI algorithm development to facilitate new levels of operational performance and novel business models Easy integration of off-the-shelf and customizable industrial-grade computing solutions that facilitate time-to-market and reduce engineering development

SECO will be at booth 602 at Sensors Converge in Santa Clara, California from June 24-26, 2024. To schedule a meeting or learn more about SECO, visit