Stefano Baggio appointed managing director of SECO Northern Europe

SECO Northern Europe appointed Stefano Baggio as successor to Luca Buscherini, taking over the role of Managing Director at SECO's Hamburg location.

SECO continues to advance in its corporate development, aiming to strengthen and expand its leading position as a provider of Edge Computing, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence on an international scale.

The new Managing Director of SECO Northern Europe, Stefano Baggio, brings over 25 years of experience in senior positions with renowned German international groups in the lighting and semiconductor industry. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for strategic procurement and notably expanded the Asian market for his previous employers. Like his predecessor, Baggio is well-versed in both German and Italian corporate cultures, allowing him to build on the excellent groundwork and further enhance cohesion within SECO.

“SECO thanks Luca Buscherini for his excellent work over the past months as Managing Director of SECO Northern Europe. Luca has made remarkable progress in integrating SECO's two largest European locations, harmonizing processes, and significantly strengthening the German site,” said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO. “Moreover, I am happy to have the chance to bring Stefano Baggio as Managing Director into the worldwide management of SECO. I am sure that Stefano will have an impact on both the strategic and personal work in SECO Northern Europe”.

Stefano Baggio's areas of expertise include contract and project management, as well as electronics design and manufacturing. Most recently, he served as the Global Head of Procurement at SECO, playing a key role between SECO's production and commercial sectors. This gives him not only professional experience but also a thorough understanding of SECO's various processes. With Baggio's appointment, the aim is to accelerate international business and further strengthen collaboration. A notable advantage is Baggio's extensive experience working in diverse cultures, having lived in Asia for more than 17 years.

SECO officially welcomes Stefano Baggio as the new Managing Director of SECO Northern Europe and simultaneously thanks Luca Buscherini for his outstanding work.