AI and CV Power Up the EV Charging Station Boom

As electric vehicle adoption is on the rise, the need for more charging stations is crucial. Owners clamour for infrastructure expansion, governments race to deliver it, and charging station solution providers are gearing up for the coming surge by working on next-generation charging stations which make management easier and operations more profitable for the EV station owners they serve.

Though it may be hard to imagine now, charging stations may soon compete for customers as fiercely as gas stations do today. Those with unreliable technology could lose market share to others with better service and appealing deals. For EV station owners, providing a user-friendly charging experience is critical: solution providers can help by incorporating features such as modernized payments and targeted advertising, and by enabling remote, edge AI-based charger maintenance to keep chargers up and running. This can help to charge network owners to draw more business and develop new sources of revenue.

This article originally appeared on, analyzes the needs of station owners and explains how incorporating advanced edge AI technology and real-time analytics platform offers solution providers and station owners an accelerated path to profitable charging services and operations in response to the surging demand for fast and convenient EV charging.

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