SECO offers various products for edge computing, from complete systems to modular standard solutions.

Human Machine Interface

SECO offers pre-configured solutions for human-machine interaction based on SBC Arm and x86 as well as customized adaptations.

Computer on Module

SECO offers a wide range of off-the-shelf core computing modules, including standards such as Qseven, SMARC, COM Express, ETX and COM-HPC.


SECO has developed standard solutions based on SBC Arm and x86, including fanless embedded computers that provide flexibility and security in the industrial IoT.

Single Board Computer

SECO's Single Board Computers are complete, ready-to-use solutions in various formats, ideal for rapid prototyping.

Products optimized for accelerated artificial intelligence through special components such as TPU and NPU.

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Device management

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Edgehog is an open source IoT platform that focuses on managing fleets of devices. It handles basic operations such as running update campaigns, retrieving device status information, geolocation and much more. To simplify development, SECO provides Linux Yocto-based Edgehog OS for our edge computing products.

Remote OS & App Updates

A secure and reliable method of delivering application updates and security patches is critical in many use cases.

Edge Device Reporting

Report status and device health to a cloud-based fleet manager.

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Each solution designed by SECO is electrically, thermally and functionally validated and provide support for regulatory certification.

customized designs

We customize the BIOS and other boot loaders to your application, implementing specific boot graphics, changing default parameters, and adding support for specialized interfaces.


Control of the finished product

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities feature SMT, THT, wash, conformal coating, AOI, X-ray inspection, depanelling, and BGA rework capabilities.

Plug-and-Play System

SECO offers customization and integration of touch display assemblies using technologies such as optical bonding (OCA and OCR) and perimeter bonding. All of our factories feature environmentally controlled facilities for display assembly.

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