Processing data at the edge means saving energy, bandwidth, and storage, making the most out of physical infrastructures. SECO supports its customers in integrating AI into their products to harness new technological opportunities and implement new business models.

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SECO's experience in implementing AI on embedded hardware enables its customers to design solutions and processes that turn field data into value. SECO specializes in extracting the most from what the hardware has to offer, making full use of any physical accelerator available.

At SECO, we stand by our customers throughout the process of integrating AI into their products, from defining business models to technological implementation.

AI Keypoint Extraction is a procedure with which AI algorithms extract the most important features (keypoints) from an image or video. These keypoints can then be used for various purposes, e.g. object recognition, face recognition or motion analysis.

We improve safety measures through advanced anomaly detection techniques to identify machine malfunctions and safety risks at an early stage.

Digital Twins are the key to a deeper understanding of physical assets and processes. At SECO, we have extensive experience in creating digital replicas of physical systems, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

We lead the way in using face detection and recognition technology. We create accurate, secure, and adaptable solutions for various scenarios and use cases.

The successful implementation of an AI strategy strongly depends on accurate and reliable data collection. The limitations in starting an Artificial Intelligence project are often dictated by the limitations of available data.

Clea, our IoT platform, is specifically designed to manage field data and provide all the tools to orchestrate algorithms, both at the Edge and in the Cloud. It is our enabler and accelerator for each of our Artificial Intelligence projects.

A dedicated range of our edge devices integrates NPUs and AI accelerators, taking computing capabilities to the next level. These processors are designed to handle the peculiar computational demands of neural networks, propelling devices into the realm of advanced machine learning and real-time decision-making.

Thanks to our expertise, the AI models we develop are already optimized to ensure full compatibility with AI accelerators from Intel, NXP, Rockchip, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Axelera AI. This ensures that every ounce of processing power is harnessed for AI inference, with an additional emphasis on energy efficiency.

AI-optimized hardware

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