Challenges in the market

  • Reliable and trouble-free embedded solutions
  • Security in the construction and operation of a data transfer network
  • Application-oriented implementation of AI
  • Establishment of security systems to prevent equipment failures and cyber-attacks

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Our customised solutions

  • Powerful HMI solutions with focus on AI edge functions and connectivity
  • Application-oriented IoT/AI platform Clea, which grows with requirements and complexity.
  • Solutions for functional safety (FuSa)
  • Development of an infrastructure for data exchange and data transmission

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Highlight technologies for trasportation

Development of an infrastructure for automation

Integrating technical components such as HMIs into an automation network is not a challenge. The real difficulty lies in enabling an infrastructure for the transmission of process data and status data without delays or interruptions. It's a good thing that SECO has been focusing on precisely this challenge for years and offers embedded solutions that enable reliable data transmission, performance and data analysis at the edge and in the cloud.

In addition, SECO is continuously developing new embedded solutions to enable reliable system availability, provide processing at the edge or in the cloud, and support the latest technology developments such as 5G

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Robust embedded solutions for AI evaluation

SECO's portfolio of embedded solutions covers essential areas in functional safety, machine control through HMIs and high-end processing with the help Intel, ARM as well as mediatek processors.

Flexibility linked to changing requirements plays a central role at SECO. The modular vision HMIs, for example, are freely scalable in all areas - especially in terms of performance - thanks to the possibility of lightning-fast replacement of the SMARC module. Furthermore, the glass technology is designed to withstand breakage even under the most brutal conditions. In addition, the passive cooling module enables uninterrupted operation.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

Establishing a digital twin using edge and cloud AI

The digital twin is more than just the digital image of a physical factory. The implementation allows the status of the physical plant to be called up, production processes to be monitored or schedules to be planned. The twin interacts continuously with the plant and makes independent improvements thanks to data analysis. SECO's modules as well as the fanless computers are specially designed for use cases, especially at the edge with high-end performance. As a cloud solution, Clea can take over the consolidation of all data.

Exploit the infinite potential of AI in production

The use of modules with FuSa (Functional Safety) functions opens up completely new possibilities for safety and collaborative work. In combination with AI, FuSa can be taken to a new level of human-machine interaction through pose estimation, gesture control or even voice control. SECO’s FuSa-capable module HALLEY was developed precisely for application scenarios of this kind: If irregularities arise in regular operation or a defined gesture is registered, HALLEY immediately switches to a secure operation or stops the process.

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