SECO specializes in the design and production of custom electronic circuitry and devices, and software algorithm development.

Our core competencies include:

  • Battery powered devices
  • Rugged human-machine interfaces, including sunlight readable LCDs with touch
  • Ergonomic enclosures and user controls
  • Security and connectivity
  • MIL-spec and tough industrial environments
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 production

SECO Edge commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded computing boards offer Arm, x86, and FPGA-based solutions for applications including on-drone intelligence, remote controllers, ground operations, and platforms for Artificial Intelligence.

SECO Edge processing solutions offer:

  • Extended temperature and conformal coat options
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing, AS9100 options 
  • Optional remote device management via Clea
  • AI/CV/ML support
  • Operating systems: Linux, VxWorks, other RTOS, Android, Windows.

Contact SECO for specific configuration options for COTS boards, and for customized designs via our Modified COTS design services.

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SECO USA designs and manufacturers customized remote control systems, including unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) controllers and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controllers, that meet the varied needs of military, government, first responder, and commercial sectors. Whether tethered to the vehicle or providing control through a radio communications link, each of these handheld controllers is precisely engineered for ergonomics,  low latency, a variety of electronic and electromechanical features, and performance in extreme environments. Our remote controller solutions meet the most stringent specifications and difficult use cases.

SECO, in combination with Boeing, has announced the development of a customized Deck Control Device (DCD) which is used to maneuver the MQ-25™ Stingray™ unmanned aerial refueler on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. This custom design by SECO USA engineers considers many technical, ergonomic, and environmental requirements. The DCD has passed land and carrier-based testing, maneuvering the MQ-25 demonstration air vehicle.

The Deck Control Device is one example of remote vehicle controllers designed, qualified, and manufactured by SECO USA.

Contact us to discuss how we can turn your requirements into fully operational devices. 

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