• Rising operating costs
  • Rapid changes in consumer behaviour
  • Technological progress
  • Security risks such as theft and vandalism
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive coverage of all areas (touch displays, payment systems, intelligent fleet management)
  • Designs that increase sales
  • Use of artificial intelligence for smart vending machine management and monitoring
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SECO offers you more than simple product dispensing stations. Our IoT (Internet of Things) vending machine technology provides access to exclusive offers and rewards, serves as modern advertising points and is an effective means of customer retention.


Progress your project quickly and efficiently

Do away with wasted time when integrating basic components such as touch screens into your vending machines. With SECO, you receive a prototype that combines a touch screen, control and payment system after just a few weeks. Accelerate the development and market launch of your vending machines.

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High-quality design for more sales

An attractive vending machine design increases the acceptance and turnover of your vending machines. Combine high-quality design with high-quality products. Design plays a particularly important role in coffee vending machines. An elegant display design with a modern user interface improves the overall experience of enjoying coffee and increases customer satisfaction.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

Artificial intelligence for intelligent vending fleets

Make artificial intelligence an integral part of your vending fleet. Automate routine tasks such as refill planning and product data analysis. Our AI platform Clea provides you with a central dashboard and valuable insights for your business operations. Adjust recipes, place timed offers and optimize your operations.

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Future Report: Age Verification in Vending

Find out in our future report how operators can protect minors from adult articles at vending machines.


Offer a unique shopping experience with AI solutions

Smart fridges, micro markets and robotic vending machines are already a reality. Rely on cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to implement innovative solutions in this market. From robots that prepare coffee to fully automated supermarkets without staff, evolve the vending market and harness the potential of advanced technology.


Easily upgrade your existing vending fleet

Do you already manage an existing vending fleet and want to take advantage of networking and artificial intelligence? With SECO, this is easily possible. Easy Edge enables cost-effective integration of Clea and AI into your existing vending machines. Add contactless payment options and high-quality touch displays to your vending machines. SECO also offers solutions for retrofit projects.

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