Our client is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of professional coffee vending machines and one of the largest international players in the hotel, restaurant and café sectors. They were also increasingly covering the public vending market. Now the client was looking for new value-added services for recurring revenues and wanted to reduce costs at the same time. They also wanted the new product to provide a great user experience to make end-users' coffee breaks more enjoyable.

We retrofitted the customer's coffee machines with gateways and established connectivity with Clea, our platform for IoT, to enable intelligent device management and OTA updates. The machines were put in an "always connected" state using a global SIM card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and geolocation microservice. We also supported the client with UX and service development, took care of certifications of the devices and were responsible for training the client's staff.

Approximately 20,000 smart coffee machines have been deployed, with savings of more than $250 per machine. More coffee vending machine installations are planned for the near future, as well as improvements and savings in logistics. By implementing Clea, the smart coffee vending machines are able to provide accurate insights for the entire coffee supply chain and give business partners full control over consumables. Strengthening customer loyalty and increasing business value for the client's partner ecosystem were achieved with new data services.

Technologies Used

Clea is SECO's software suite for remote management of edge devices, data generated in the field and data aggregation in the cloud to support business analytics. With Clea, you have everything you need to implement your custom IoT solution: required hardware, connectivity, platform, telemetry, data management, analytics and consulting - all in one platform.

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What our expert at SECO says

"SECO enabled the customer to make its vending machines intelligent to significantly reduce operating costs and to deliver advantages both to the customer and the end-user, thus increasing their loyalty."

Marino Panozzo
Direct Customer Sales Agent, SECO

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