For a MAS (Message Application System) alarm server for efficient alarms and logging, the customer needed a cost-effective and compact module for high performance needs.

To fully meet the customer's requirements, keep costs low and ensure a compact size, we chose an x86 off-the-shelf module in the μQseven form factor. The μQseven form factor is the most compact on the market worldwide. Despite the small size, our solution was able to offer an ideal performance-to-power ratio while being a cost-effective solution for the low-budget design.

Through our many years of experience, we were able to accelerate project development so that the client could shorten its time-to-market.

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What our customers think about SECO

"We were able to quickly develop our x86-based product maintaining a compact design, resulting in a future-oriented solution through the use of a standard form-factor."

Walch Günther
General Manager, Comron

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