• Integration of decentralized energy sources into the overall system
  • Security of supply with increasing demand
  • Efficient energy utilization
  • Management and optimization of energy flows
  • Intelligent energy control through SaaS AI solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Long-term available and scalable hardware solutions
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Scalable HMI technology

It has become easier than ever to find HMI technology with the computing power to match. SECO's Modular Vision series, for example, is designed to be customized to different requirements - so, the modular HMI series grows in parallel with the requirements.

Thanks to the quickly replaceable SMARC module, processing power can be easily adapted in response to changing conditions in building control. This means that processing power on an ARM or x86 basis is also available as required. The HMI display with up to 4K resolution offers crystal-clear images and opens the way for an intuitive display.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

Durable hardware in a time of high stress

The continuous monitoring of critical infrastructures requires robust hardware that works reliably for years. The increasing importance of edge computing, i.e., the processing of AI data directly on the device, requires additional computing resources.

Thanks to many years of experience in rough environments, SECO is exactly the right expert when it comes to embedded solutions with high loads. All solutions utilise computing power with the latest processor technology from renowned manufacturers such as Intel, NXP, Rockship, Qualcomm and Mediatek. All installed components are designed for continuous use in these environments. Thanks to the exact traceability of all components, long-term availability is also possible for discontinued assemblies.

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Real-time monitoring in the IoT network

Critical infrastructures must be monitored in real time. Cyber-attacks are particularly popular at these levels. Solutions with real-time monitoring and anomaly analysis are ideal for protecting components, infrastructures, or entire systems. All SECO solutions are equipped with the security software from our partner EXEIN as standard for precisely this purpose.

Real-time monitoring is also necessary when scenarios such as energy shortages or unforeseen load peaks need to be equalised. SECO has developed modular solutions with integrated FuSa (Functional Safety) technology for precisely this purpose. The FuSa unit is activated as soon as a non-standardised event occurs.

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Identifying blind spots in the energy grid

The new challenge in the supply market is to provide a balanced grid from different energy sources. This grid must be able to cover the energy demand fully always. To identify optimisation potential within a complex supply grid, AI applications are needed that can process these large amounts of data. It has therefore become almost impossible for humans to recognise this potential. One possible solution here could be AI in combination with edge and cloud computing. SECO can support customers with suitable edge computing hardware and AI cloud solutions in setting up a high-performance infrastructure.

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Creation of a digital twin for more energy control

A digital twin in the energy supply of smart cities and buildings can help to better coordinate energy bottlenecks or the efficient use of energy. The twin analyses data from the physical environment, carries out simulations independently and feeds these into the system. And most importantly, a digital twin can make a significant contribution to significantly extending the service life of wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, supercapacitors, or energy storage systems through continuous optimisation.

SECO can support its customers in establishing suitable embedded solutions with expandable AI in the infrastructure.

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