The customer was looking for a standardized, directly deployable hardware solution for their device for the investigation of EM interference signals. They needed a solution that would allow the processor platform to be upgraded without any problems and at the same time support Linux development.

We have offered and delivered the appropriate standard solution with a Qseven 2.0 compatible module with NXP i.MX6 processor. In addition, we have implemented an RTOS with customized drivers.

By offering a modular off-the-shelf module, we were able to guarantee the customer a faster time-to-market. Another advantage of this solution is easier support and upgrading of products, with lower development costs compared to custom solutions. Thanks to our extensive in-house hardware and software expertise, we were able to quickly deliver a cost-effective solution that fully met the customer's requirements.

Products used

What our customers think about SECO

"Choosing a modular solution with a standard form-factor like Qseven, we could develop a modular test system with an easy to upgrade processor platform at lower overall development cost with a faster time to market."

Edwin vom Hofe
Sales Manager / Associate, raditeq B.V.

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