Challenges in the market

  • Cybersecurity in complex IoT networks
  • Security systems for automated means of transport
  • Optimisation of transport

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Our customised solutions

  • Embedded solutions with integrated safety software
  • Modules with FuSa function (functional safety)
  • AI solutions for optimising the fleet

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Highlight technologies for trasportation

Reliable supply chain

Transport companies are dependent on reliable and robust hardware to monitor critical infrastructure such as railways, airports and seaports. The growing importance of edge computing, where AI data is processed directly on the device, requires additional processing power.

SECO is an experienced provider of embedded solutions that meet these requirements. SECO's products are based on the latest processor technology and are designed for continuous use in harsh environments. Thanks to the exact traceability of all components, long-term availability is possible even for discontinued modules.

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Embedded solutions for controlling the IoT network

The transport sector is becoming increasingly digital. More and more systems are equipped with sensors and sensors to collect and process data. These systems require customised control systems that can grow with the increasing demands.

SECO is the specialist for embedded solutions in the transport sector. The Modular Vision HMI series from SECO is the ideal solution for complex, data-driven systems. The flexible design and easy exchange of computing power make it a versatile and future-proof product.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

Cyber security and functional safety - the best of both worlds

Although Security and Functional Safety (FuSa) have different objectives, they overlap and ultimately serve the same purpose: the protection of people and machines. The importance of security and functional safety (FuSa) is why SECO places particular emphasis on integrating FuSa into its modules. All solutions are equipped as standard with cybersecurity software from SECO's partner EXEIN. The powerful modules with FuSa functionality automatically switch to a safe mode if a sensor or camera detects an anomaly.

The real-time monitoring of the entire system and the detection of anomalies significantly increase the security against attacks. EXEIN focuses exclusively on early detection of potential threats and automatically updates all connected embedded solutions.

Software-defined cars thanks to embedded hardware

Software-defined cars are the future of mobility. They are equipped with a large number of sensors and actuators that collect and process data to enable autonomous driving, for example. This data must be processed in real time to ensure the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. In addition to powerful embedded solutions, expertise in processing data at the edge is essential. SECO is the right partner to create the infrastructure for data-driven end solutions.

Building a digital twin in the transport market

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real object or system. It can be used to collect and analyse data to improve the performance of the real object or system. In the transport sector, a digital twin can be used to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transport. For example, it can be used to optimise route planning, identify potential hazards and reduce fuel consumption. Creating a digital twin is a complex process, but well worth the investment. Transport companies that embrace this technology can gain a competitive advantage and help shape the future of logistics.

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