The customer is an innovative manufacturer of dispensing systems especially for large events. The following requirements were set for the development of an automated cocktail dispenser:

  • Small, powerful, and custom-fit combination of control system (module plus baseboard or single-board computer) and HMI for cocktail selection
  • Cloud connection and IT infrastructure

The human-machine interface i-Pan M7, which is operated with the Myon I, was chosen relatively quickly. This combination could easily be adopted for the project in its standard version. Windows IoT 10 Core was chosen as the operating system. With this operating system, developers do not have to create any necessary libraries or define any parameters in the system, and the operating interface is predestined for flexible adaptation to the needs of the project. The IoT solution included in the operating system also creates optimal conditions for implementing cloud applications. This makes fleet management, remote controlling and OTA updates much easier.

Thanks to the cloud infrastructure, the solution developed opened up the possibility for the manufacturer of cocktail dispensers to rent out large fleets via licensees. The collaboration also led to further equipment solutions in the area of dispensing systems.

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