The client is a global leader in healthcare education and training. The company specializes in the design and development of advanced solutions, including immersive technologies for resuscitation training. The products are used in the training and education of first responders. Due to past delivery problems, a replacement had to be found quickly for the modular unit that is essential for the production of one of the company's most important products: the humanoid resuscitation mannequin for professional training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – also known as Rescue Annie.

Characterizing the initial request were two main requirements:

  • On a technical level, the need for a “plug-and-play” solution compliant with the existing design of the mannequin’s electronics, that could be integrated without any need for redesign.
  • On an operational level, the guarantee of a short lead time to prevent a six-month production stop, combined with guaranteed long-term availability and supply to avoid the recurrence of emergency situations.

Leveraging its portfolio of standard form factor solutions, SECO was able to offer a pin-to-pin compatible Computer on Module (COM), to be easily integrated into the customer’s existing carrier board design. The choice was made for the ETX-A61 module - conform to ETX® standard specifications - in a configuration based on Intel® Celeron® J1900 processors. Despite the worldwide supply chain issues, SECO was able to source the missing component that had stopped the supply from the customers’ previous vendor and ensure the production and stock of the selected COM - all while guaranteeing adequate delivery time, so as not to stop the production of the mannequin.

In just seven months from the request for quotation, SECO was able to manage the required production order quantity and delivery. A long-standing experience in standard form factor ETX® also enabled SECO to provide a solution that integrates seamlessly into the customer’s existing design, avoiding the need for a redesign.

This is what our expert at SECO says

"In hard times for the global electronic industry due to the components’ supply chain issues, it was a challenge to find the right solution and ensure adequate delivery times. The social value of the end product, however, pushed to get the best from SECO and our supply chain."

Marco Attardo
Partner Manager EMEA

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