Whether tethered to the vehicle or providing control through a radio communications link, each handheld controller we make is precisely engineered for ergonomics,  low latency, a variety of electronic and electromechanical features, and performance in extreme environments. Our remote controller solutions meet the most stringent specifications and difficult use cases.

Custom handheld controller features may include:

  • Packaging and controls customized to application needs
  • Custom grips, joysticks, buttons, dead man switches
  • Selection of radios – commercial and military
  • Display options including sunlight readability and night vision (NVIS)
  • Tablet-like feature options, including GPS, Wi-Fi, BT, cellular
  • Low latency control and video display
  • Interface options to sensor and video networks for full situational awareness
  • Programmable application software. Operating systems include Linux and Android
  • Ruggedized for the toughest environments. Meet MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 environmental specifications
  • Versatile platform, customized from proven platforms through our Modified COTS design process

UAV ground controller products are inherently wireless devices, providing UAV or drone control through radios. UGV controllers may be wireless or tethered to the vehicle.

SECO USA leverages more than 20 years of development expertise of embedded processor circuitry, custom portable devices, and rugged tablets. That enables us to consistently engineer solutions that meet the highly specific needs of military and industrial remote vehicle control applications.

Leveraging proven circuit, software, and other design elements via our Modified COTS design process enables us to deliver customized products with minimized development cost and risk, on the shortest schedules possible.

Whether it’s a commercial UAV flight controller, military UAV controller, or any other type of handheld device, SECO USA works collaboratively with your team to define use cases, prioritize tradeoffs, and finalize requirements before commencing development. Our priority is to deliver the optimal product that will get the job done.

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