The customer is a specialist for air-conditioning cabinets, among other things, and was looking for an HMI replacement as a "plug and play" solution after discontinuation. A re-design of their own products was also out of the question. Therefore, certain requirements were placed on the HMI:

  • Intuitive operability and workflow
  • Long availability
  • Easy replacement, even for products that have already been delivered
  • Power-saving processors
  • Specific number of interfaces
  • Processability of CANopen protocols

After extensive consultation and recording of all requirements, the choice was made for the SANTINO 7.0:

  • 7-inch display
  • Capacitive touch
  • High computing power and high graphics performance thanks to ARM i.XM6 Cortex A9 processor
  • Ethernet, USB and WiFi interface support

In short, it was possible to use a standard product, which was immediately ready for use with only minor adjustments.

In cooperation with SYS TEC electronic, SECO developed a customized Yocto to equip the Linux operating system with CANopen protocols. In addition, the OPC UA communication interface was integrated to enable the reading and processing of machine data.

OCP UA is the new standard for enabling data exchange between devices from different manufacturers.

The advantages are obvious

  • Our many years of experience with customer-specific requirements have enabled us to design any adaptations to our standard
  • Durable end products
  • Long availability
  • Scalability of the purchase quantity
  • Successor products of our series are guaranteed to fit and integrate perfectly

Products used

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