SECO and Exein: Revolutionizing IoT Cybersecurity for a safer future

SECO and Exein have teamed up to offer state-of-the-art security solutions for the IoT industry. By integrating Exein's advanced cybersecurity technology into SECO's product portfolio, clients can experience enhanced security for their software and hardware components. At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference in Nuremberg, attendees can see firsthand how Exein's real-time analysis protects SECO embedded devices from cyber-attacks with minimal performance impact and low overhead costs.

SECO and Exein have joined forces to provide customers with cutting-edge security solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into SECO's existing product portfolio. Exein's real-time analysis of device behaviour allows early detection of cyber risks without sacrificing the performance of in-field devices, providing enhanced security to clients.

At embedded world 2023, both SECO and Exein will exhibit their solutions, showcasing how they transform IoT security. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness Exein's Runtime solution in action, protecting embedded devices from cyber attacks in real time with minimal impact on host performance and low overhead costs. The demo will feature SECO’s PEGASUS fanless embedded computer with Intel® processors and showcase how the Exein Runtime agent leverages Linux kernel eBPF technology to immediately detect and block attacks.

Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO, says: “We always strive to add value to our customers' products, and when it comes to cybersecurity, we won't compromise. The collaboration with Exein emphasizes SECO's commitment to offering secure-by-design solutions in a very evolving and volatile context." Gianni Cuozzo, CEO of Exein, adds: "Exein's solutions have been integrated into all SECO products, creating the most advanced and secure IoT offerings on the market."

The partnership between SECO and Exein is transforming the way businesses approach IoT cybersecurity, helping them build secure, high-value IoT solutions that can protect against cyber attacks and ensure the privacy of sensitive data. At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference in Nuremberg, trade show visitors will have the chance to discover these integrated security solutions at the SECO (1-320) and Exein booths (4-451).