AI and Digital Signage for Vending Machines

In recent years AI-based equipment and IoT systems for Digital Signage and Vending Machines have evolved rapidly. We'll soon interact with intelligent machines at work, at restaurants or while walking on the streets: intelligent machines are going to change the way we consume and experience the world.

The evolution of the machines and displays we interact with daily, often without even paying attention to, will be at the heart of this transformation. Not only smartphones and computers, but automatic checkouts at the supermarket, beverage dispensers in the office, and interfaces to manage machinery at work will have to evolve. The interaction between increasingly intelligent machines and humans will become more immediate and natural.

The latest developments in Digital Signage and Vending Machines are a case in point of the digital revolution underway: they will revolutionise the way businesses handle customer relations and the customer experience in general.

AI for Digital Signage

The term “Digital Signage” refers to digital displays used in commercial contexts: usually a network of screens, centrally managed but locally customisable. The signs can be used to provide information, promote products or enhance the shopping experience.

Digital displays are especially effective as promotional devices: they capture the attention of potential customers and, due to their visual impact, have better results in influencing purchase behaviour, increasing time spent in a store, and encouraging intentions to revisit in the future,  making the customers’ experience unique.

AI-based digital signage implemented with cameras, microphones, sensors and integrated into a digital network could quickly examine the characteristics of the person in front of it and suggest a product to buy providing a unique promotional experience.

New trends for Vending Machines

Given the latest developments in digital signage, the distance with vending machines is shortening: sophisticated digital signage can become automatic checkouts or interfaces for more complex vending machines.

In recent years, due to the technological acceleration brought on by the pandemic among other things, a new kind of vending machine has emerged: these new machines are interconnected devices in an IoT network, implemented with AI and sophisticated digital displays. They are smart, fast, and can collect large amounts of data by tracking customers' shopping habits more accurately, automatically managing inventory, and simultaneously creating a stimulating shopping experience for the customer.

The right technology for smart machines

Building smart appliances goes through the implementation of suitable software and HMI such as, advanced AI, touch displays and platforms to manage and process data.

This is where SECO technology stands out; SECO manufactures countless products for Data Science, AI and Edge Computing applications. Thanks to its expertise in building IoT systems and sophisticated sensors, SECO manages to develop highly innovative solutions for Digital Signage and Vending Machines, both hardware and software.

SECO’s platform for leveraging smart device data, Clea, is a flexible and powerful tool, great for helping Digital Signage and Vending companies digitally transform their devices.

Learn how to deploy Clea’s AI algorithms to enable a Smart Vending Machine capable of suggesting drinks suitable for the customer based on his/her Gender-Age-Emotions and purchase history; at the same time, the transactions can be monitored in real-time and the aggregates and statistics of the customers' behaviours can be analysed.